Tuesday, April 21, 2009

3 More Papers~

wuhoo... I am on the halfway of the final exam of 2nd semester of my year 2 -- 3 out of 6 papers. Being quite relax because those 3 papers done were my core papers~ although I did quite badly.... *swt*
Seems like my dream to achieve more than 3.0 CGPA is going to be spoilt, sigh... I'm indeed not a knowledgeable student =.="

Today was my relaxing day~ I had a nice sleep as the weather was very nice (for us who didn't step out from room lolz)... and I had wasted the whole day again.... xp

The coming papers are on Thursday - English; Friday - Biotech.
In fact, I am quite worried about English paper as I think ... my writing skill is deteriorating besides the topic won't be easy.
For techniques in biotechnology, it is my elective paper, it is not easy either... also 5 of 6 essays to write.
The last paper would be on the 30th...which is next Thursday, hmm.. I hope at least I can score it very well to counterback the bad ones.

However, I will again go out tomorrow *swt*
haha... I will take my time to study then... although I didn't go out today, I did nothing as well haha
oh, I give many excuses for this exam period huh...




haha.. the above equations was done by using the theory of Simultaneous Equation of Mathematics!
I received this funny sms from GS. Just a short sharing ^^


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