Saturday, October 25, 2008


19.10.08, Sunday

I had been busy for the important event organised by Tiong Hua Society -- Nei Bu Guan Mo 内部观摩 in the past month....attended many meetings...

This event Nei Bu Guan Mo was purposely organised to provide a stage for the new members of TiongHua society (from the division of singing, dancing and acting 歌舞剧) a chance to perform. We chose the performers based on the criteria that those members have very less experience in performances.

Being the secretary is not an easy job. Other than typing the meeting report in chinese characters, I also needed to type letters and did all the documentation job.
However, I am glad that I finally accomplished the job! yeah.... and all committee members of this event were very dedicated to their respective job! wow... and the event was a success. It's not perfect but I'm contented with most of the programmes.

Besides doing the jobs of secretary, also as a committee of "choir group" 歌咏组的组委,I also tried to help in training the performers for singing performances. There were 6 of them, 宜婷、秀璇、书骏、永升、毅仁、华铭。From the beginning till now, all of them have improved lot, thanks to their own efforts and also the teaching of teacher David.

The theme of Nei Bu Guan Mo this year was: <<一启>>
means, TOGETHER (一起).


一启和一起也有谐音的意思,代表着所有台前幕后的工作人员都手牵着手,一起完成这一次的内部观摩。一启,当我们把“启”字分开时,会发现是一个“户口”。 所以一启也代表着“一户口”的意思,也就是一家人。歌、舞和剧三个小组在理华这个大家庭里,希望借着这个舞台,聚集大家庭里的成员一起观赏这一个表演。一启,我们期待大家和我们一起迎接我们的“一启”!!

All of the working committee members also very nice, they did their jobs well, *clap hands*.... they had good attitude, willing to learn!

Although there were still some technical errors.. overall everything was far better than the previous years'! The worst part was that the show was not started on time.....

Hope the next Nei Bu Guan Mo will be even better organised! hehe... Thanks everyone for your hardwork, including myself hoho ^^

thanks guys~



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