Saturday, August 04, 2007


Yesterday, my friends and I had had a wonderful night by watching the 'special concert' organised by The USM Wanderers 理大游子吟. This society is not under USM actually, but its members are USM students, according to my understanding..

The concert's theme was "Just a Bunch of Nobody" = 只是臭皮匠
The songs which we could hear from the concert were their creation!
The only thing I could say about the concert was GREAT!
Everything was done by themselves, musics, instruments plays, lighting, stage decorations, songs ...........etc.........
Although it's a hard work to organise such event, I could see that they did enjoy the team working.. It's really fun to work together like a big family and having the same target!

We paid RM10 per ticket for this concert, and what we could see was more than the price we had paid! It's not a low standard performance but a high standard one, with nice vocal, meaningful lyrics, great dances, funny dramas acted during the intervals of songs and to bring out the next song's name!

After the event, I had even bought a CD to support them! hoho... the song I like most they had performed was 一个人 (being alone?). The song is very meaningful, for example: 两个人分开后剩下的为什么只有半个人

My friends and I may join the society after this... I do wish I can be one of their member to make this kind of event a success.....
well, say is easy but do is hard, my time management is still a big issue to me, haiz....

oh ya, we went there by bus provided by them, by paying extra RM2 for the trip (go and back) to the Dewan Sri Penang (by the seaside, beside the field which Bon Odori was held).


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