Sunday, May 27, 2007

Post-trip: The Examination Week

Continue the post-trip story... haha...

After I reached home at the early morning 6am on the 21st May 07 , Monday, I went online for a while then 'continued' sleeping until 10am. Then I went to my mum's shop as usual, and 'showed' her how dark her daughter had become! lolz..
Next, I went to work!

Today was the 1st day of Mid-year Exam for the afternoon session students at SJK (c) Desa Jaya, and it was the very first time for the standard 1 little cute students to sit for an exam!
Every teacher in the office was so busy! Everyone was busy to stapler the examination papers @@"

After leading the 2L students back to their class at about 1pm, I let them do their studies or chatting... then at 1.20pm, I went to the next class which I would be invigilating 监考... the exam started at 1.30pm for the first subject everyday until Friday this week.

In the past, I'd been the student who sat for exams.... finally I know the situation of being a 'pengawas' during the exam!
If I entered the standard 1 class, I would be very busy. It's because they were still not clear about the rules to obey during exam; they didn't know to read the instructions; they might be doing wrong format, e.g: circle the whole sentence instead of only alphabet....

Besides, teachers had been instructed to aid the standard 1 students while answering the papers.
First, asked them to check all the pages. Then, instructed all the students to look at the 1st page, the 1st section. After explaining to them what they should do (e.g: circle the alphabet) for the first section, asked them to do ONLY that section and then waited for the others to finish.
While waiting, I needed to check them one by one whether they were doing the right thing or not!
After about 99% of the students had finished the first section, explained the second section to them, then started to do.... and repeated the same procedure again... and I must check them!

phew... it's indeed hard & troublesome to invigilate the standard 1 students. They would always forget to do one or few questions... or do the wrong format for you...

However, if I entered the standard 3 class, it would be too boring 'pulak'... as they all have already known what to do, and what shouldn't they do too... the class would be very quiet, unlike the standard 1's! I almost fell asleep! woo... is this the reason the Mr. Phu@ always fall asleep during our exam in the past? (or he does fall asleep at anytime anywhere? haha..)

Besides busy working for the past week, I was busy blogging too.. and uploading photos etc.. I think it's a big 'laggy' to load this page full with photos huh? sorry ya.... there are about 60+ photos in this page!

For more photos, click
*I've got all the photos from different cameras on 28th May 07.

so, now.. I'm on HOLIDAY again! Because it's school holiday now!
I will be working for one more week after school reopen.



Blogger zickleer said...

whoa...great trip ya got there!love the travel blogs...actually hor..i think u have a very good chance of being a lonely planet book writer:)
i wud definitely but those books with the name hedwig elaine on it;)


ps.i think everyone does feel lik dat on da last day...mishing the place n thinking wether will have another chance to do dat ma:)

god bless ya:)

hope ya enjoy ya budak sekolah:)

May 28, 2007 10:31 pm  
Blogger zickleer said...

i wud definitely buY those books with the name hedwig elaine on it;)

not but*

hehe..typo..maaf ya:P

May 28, 2007 10:32 pm  
Blogger hedwig elaine said...

thanks for supporting me.. haha.. but I do need to improve my english first!

May 30, 2007 2:10 am  

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