Saturday, June 02, 2007

Bookfest @ Malaysia 2007

Yesterday = Saturday 1.6.07, my friends and I went to KLCC Convention Centre for the Bookfest @ Malaysia 2007 第二届华文书市.
At 12.30pm, Mak & Jin fetched me and met Hoon at the 东东面家 besides Bright Kids (the place where Hoon works at). 3 of them had their lunch there, I didn't order any food as I was not yet hungry.
Then, we went to KLCC by Mak's car.

Although it was a Friday, the visitors to the book fair were quite many, aha... it was holiday for students (and for me lalala...). This book fair started from 26 May till 3 June 2007. Every visitor must buy a Bookfest Catalogue which cost RM2 to be the entry ticket to the exhibition. Last month, every teacher in Desa Jaya was given a free Bookfest Catalogue! hehe... so I didn't need to buy ^^V

After sometime we walked inside the big halls, we (Hoon & I) met Wei Jie & his gang ... they were there since the morning... and later we met our gang Ching & Huey, they went to a library first before coming here.
What had we bought? Hoon bought 2 books with the main title: Chicken Soup. I had just bought a guide book of Photoshop CS (oh well, I'm using Photoshop CS2, not CS!... but never mind lah..). It's Chinese Version, and it's far cheaper than the English version! It was only RM22, with 20% discount = RM17.60!
Others did buy few books but I am not sure what were they...

6 of us left KLCC at about 6.45pm after long hours of walking..... ops, I was so hungry then!
We wanted to go for dinner at Kepong right after that but we went to the wrong way and was stuck in the traffic jam @@"

Finally I could have my dinner at 9pm! We were eating and drinking at Station One. Goh then came to join us (to find his Huey lah...).
Ahem, there were 2 couples then.... and 3 of us -- Ching, Hoon & Me = 3 very bright spotlights there...
Seems like sitting together with couples would just have nothing much to chat huh, because we all were so quiet yesterday during the supposed-to-be chatting session! aha.... weird, we singles shouldn't join them lah... haha...

*ah ya.... the same day in the next month -- 1st July will be our long-waited registration day of Public University! oOps... suddenly felt like it's quite fast (although in fact it's slow...) because there's only one month left for us to relax and play. If I fail to enter then I will have much more time to waste!
aih, hope we can know the result of Public University application as fast as possible, I'm so worried now...


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