Thursday, April 26, 2007

2 more 20-year-old Girls~

ahaha.... May had just become 2o years old yesterday....

At yesterday night, we went for 'celebration' at another new place - Wings~
There were many of us, more than 10! However, it's actually two gangs, our gang seldom mix with them - this was the very first time, and we didn't really talk to them @@

Our gang - May, Ching, Goh & Huey, Jin, Nee, Wei Jie, Yingzhi .. and Me
Another gang - Most of them are teachers - Chen Peng, Kai Sien, Shau Hooi, Shi Sheng, Chin Rong

Wei Jie was the one who brought them came over, and hence he's more closer to them more than we were. Other than Shau Hooi, all of those guys were from U6S2, the physics class's. In fact, Shau Hooi was a form 6 student too, and was my classmate/friend in primary school if I don't remember wrongly.

Back to the topic, as I mentioned before, I bought a Scandisk Thumbdrive for May, shared among few of us~ Besides, we had bought a small cake for her, and we sang the Birthday songs of several versions loudly in the yumcha place, ngek ngek!
Well, it was a fun night with lots of laughter!

oh ya, my gang plan to go for a trip at Pulau Perhentian & Redang ... maybe in the mid May...
I am very interested in going to visit Redang actually, but I'm not sure will I be free by that time, it's hard to apply a leave, what reason I should give?!
However, I may be no longer working as teacher too... maybe only... so, I will tell if it's confirmed already by the school authority....
It will be the very last trip which all best friends can gather together and play crazily before we pursue our study at University. I do hope I can make it to join them !

As title, there were two girls become 20 years old, May is one of them while another is May Jing whose birthday is one day before May's.
Welcome to join the gang of 2o years old, we are neither Adolescents nor Adults, who are we?


Blogger Jeanne said...

Love live TEENager :p
I don wan to join 20th gang >_<

April 26, 2007 4:10 pm  

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