Sunday, April 15, 2007

PC Fair 2007

13.4.07 night
Ching, Huey and I went to Jusco Prima with the 'jie jie' who fetched us to work in the past few months for "dinner" at about 9pm.
3 of us purposely invited her out to treat her to a dinner at Secret Recipe. I myself had ordered a big set included Tom Yam Spaghetti, Iced Lemon Tea & brownies. What a full dinner and the food was quite nice (but expensive lah..)!!!
Then, we had a walk in the shopping mall, and I met Wei Wen oh (once my ex-classmate and also my senior now lolz).... haha..

14.4.07 - Saturday
In the morning, I woke up at 6.30am... wah, I had not woke up at this early hour for 2 weeks!
One of the teacher was busy and couldn't attend to teach the Cocurriculum, so I as the relief teacher had to enter 4G class to teach them singing (as they were having Choir lesson).
The students didn't speak much during the time I was copying the lyrics on the blackboard! It's a big difference with the standard 1,2,3 students... However, I knew it's also because their class teacher was very fierce! hehe.. That teacher was teaching the class next to mine during my standard 6 year...
I had taught them 2 songs -- "童年", "紅蜻蜓" these 2 songs are not pop songs, they are very meaningful, talking about our childhood etc...

The lesson ended at 9.15am, after signing for the attendance in the cocurriculum record book, I went home and prepared for the next outgoing~
At the same time, my friends were at our secondary school attending the "Majlis Anugerah Cemerlang"... sigh, I didn't manage to get any award so I didn't need to go! All of those who received the awards for SPM & STPM were given 'cash' as the presents! Aiyoyo... why they didn't give us during my SPM year?!

At 1.30pm, the event ended, and we departed to KLCC~ Wei Jie was the driver, he drove Jin's car, the passengers were Jin, May & me~ ahaha... we always go out in a gang of girls plus a Guy! muahahaha...
Although we were actually not clear how to go to KLCC by car as we normally go there by KTM + LRT; However, we managed to get there without taking any wrong turn, ngek ngek~

After taking 'lunch' at A&W, we walked to the Convention Centre to visit the Pikom PC Fair 2007... and I purposely went to LG Booth to meet my friend Siew Tung~ She worked there to distribute the brochures~
It was super crowded.......~~~ After walking hard for halls from halls... we were so exhausted! However, I hadn't finish buying the things I wanted, I asked 3 of them to go back to KLCC for a rest. I myself would be easier to move alone in the crowd... haha...

Finally, I bought myself a refill ink RM7, a 2Gb of Pretec Thumbdrive with Sakura special edition (it's pinky!) RM73;
I helped my aunt to buy an USB extension cable RM10; and also cute Optical Mouse RM18 for the 'jie jie' who fetched me to work (she actually wanted me to help her to buy and she would want to claim from company, however.. I forgot to ask for the receipt =.=", so.. just give it to her as a present lah...).

Besides, since May's & Hoon's birthday are just around the corner... so, I had the idea to buy a Thumbdrive for each of them! After thinking for long, I bought a 1Gb of Kingston thumbdrive & a 1Gb of Scandisk thumbdrive for them~

After back from KLCC, we didn't go home straight away but went for dinner together. We also invited Ching & Hoon. hey... Ching had had an interview for the NTU Scholarship in the afternoon! Wish her good luck and able to secure the scholarship!
While having our dinner and yumcha at Tee-a-Tee (not sure is the spelling correct) which nearby the 'cui cui shui', I found that I was having fever.... @@"
Actually I was feeling not well since this morning.... and was so weak... luckily I didn't faint away... hoho...

I slept by 12am... earlier than before... as I just had 4 hours of sleeping.
I'm fine now.. no more fever~ but hope I will still okay tomorrow lah.. need to work =.="

*Other than buying things, I actually wanted to meet my net friends there too, however I was too busy to walk around to choose the items... haha.. so sorry to my friends ya!

*Ooh ya... Now I own a pinky Thumbdrive!


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