Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Life as a Teacher

hmm... I sleep at 2am everyday now, it's bad I know, you can see there are many pimples on my face again, haiyaya... I think I will never have a smooth face skin =.="

I actually have nothing to do, and I would still able to stay online till late night without doing anything useful I guess.. I have a lot of Old newspapers to read, I bought them but haven't read them at all..
I should do something beneficial, like improving my English standard by doing exercises etc... sigh... I'm just too lazy and no mood to be so hardworking after back from working.

About teaching, so far so good, I am still able to control those 'monsters'... oh... I still haven't lost my voice!
they are just too talkative ahaha.. they like me to pay attention to them, so they would keep calling 'xie lao shi, xie lao shi' bla bla bla, they would just report anything to you.... but, I don't really respond to their small complaints, I would just ignore them after listening, blek.. bad huh..
I think after one month, the students from whole school, different classes will able to recognise me, as I am a relief teacher, until today, I've entered about 17 classes!
I will be very busy then... because they will greet you when they meet you!
hmm... some of them are so cute woo... felt like wanna pinch their cheeks.. wakaka! *evil*

Although yesterday was a Sunday, teachers still needed to work as there was a PIBG meeting, to choose a new Committee~
hoohoo.. you could see, there's a news in Chinese Newspaper reporting about the meeting, a fight was almost started between the candidates~!
However, I didn't know about it as I was doing my works in the teachers' office - counting the number of students in our school everyday.... I didn't in charge of anything but still needed to come...
*to be fair, I am in charge of doing some chores daily in school, as I don't need to mark any books... seems like I'm also a 'secretary' in school

uhm.. I just don't understand why do they like to fight over this thing.. I really dislike everything about politics! *hey, I didn't mention about any sensitive element right?!* winks*

So, it was not a day to rest at home, it was a normal working day for every teacher in this school.. everyone of us was going home at about 6pm.

By the way, I do enjoy working as teacher more than the previous ones....
As a teacher (even I'm a relief teacher only), I do something meaningful, I educate the children... ahaha... sounds like I'm doing a very good job lolz



Blogger KP Chen said...

Cheecher lilly good ho... Lilly noble job ho...

Teaching is fun when you have fun kids =) I taught primary school kids in tuition class before... Hehe.

April 10, 2007 7:35 pm  

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