Sunday, February 11, 2007

Sports Day 07 @ Stadium MPS

I purposely changed my off day with Ching so that I was able to go to my Ex-school -- SMK Taman Ehsan's Sports Day 07, the 26th (If I didn't hear wrongly).
At first I thought want to go by driving (that's why I went to renew my license), however there was no car for me to drive this morning. So... I asked Wei Jie to fetch my youngest brother and me. He would have to go back at 10am as he had to work at 11am.

The only ex-sixth formers went to this "Hari Sukan" were only Wei Jie and me, or there was any other whom I didn't notice... seems like I was too BusyBody?
I was so interested in going just because it was held at the Stadium Majlis Perbandaran Selayang (MPS) for the very first time besides to watch the performance by Taekwondo team.
Well, it was quite boring actually unless my friends were all going!
My youngest brother went back with Wei Jie at 10am while I went back by Pei Yun (my junior)'s car at about 2pm (or later..). All I did was just 'hiding' myself from the BIG sun by watching/Chatting with juniors at a place nearby VIP seats which was quite far from the field, it was the highest place I guess, so I couldn't take good photos, it was too far ~~~~

Yuen Si and 2 other girls were chosen as the assistants to present the prizes to the winners. They were wearing the traditional costume! Yuen Si was wearing the Cheongsam... she looks so beautiful and gorgeous! (haha... the RED Cheongsam was belonged to Pn Theresa!)

This year the programmes were arranged differently. Normally at the beginning of the activity, there would be the Marching (kawad kaki) session. However for this year, the Day ended with the Marching and after that, the teams had to sit down and wait for the speeches with the prize-giving away session, under the SUPER HOT SUN of 1pm!
Guess what, few people had fainted! As what I know, they hadn't waken up yet by the time the activity ended! ..... aiyayaa... it's suffering & torturing...

hmm... lazy to elaborate more on this, I was doing nothing other than just chatting and snapping photos... what I felt was, the Stadium is too big for us? There were not really many people attending the event.

After that, I followed my fellow juniors to visit another Junior -- Vinod at Hospital Selayang, since I was going back by Pei Yun's car with Jiun Tat, Cecilia and Jenny. Many of them were going there to visit him, according to what I heard, he was sent to the hospital because of the accident happened which another motorcycle bumped his motorcycle.
Luckily he was still ok, just that he is allergic to painkiller, so he has to bear with the pain... no other ways...
Although I don't really know him well, just knew that he's one of the 3 Vinod in our form 6 (2 in my year lolz), Wish him getting well soon !


Anonymous jeanne said...

I have a brother whose name is "Jiun Tat" :p

February 12, 2007 8:03 pm  
Blogger hedwig elaine said...

ahaha... spelt wrongly lah I know.. forgot liao mah... paiseh

February 12, 2007 10:25 pm  

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