Saturday, February 03, 2007

Busy Off day

Last Wednesday 31.1.07 was my off day again. It was also my younger brother Yu's off day, he's now working for a part time job at one of a stall in Midvalley while he's still unsure whether to continue studying in TAFE or to switch to another college since December last year..

At about 2pm, Yu drove our daddy's car to go out, with him were my youngest brother Loon and me. The first destination was the Office of KWSP in Metro Prima. I wanted to apply to be the member. My boss (the manager) advised us to apply our own as it would be faster.
Indeed, the procedure was very simple. We just need to take a number and wait for our turn. Before that, we should ask for the form and fill in the details for just one page (unlike applying bank account which requires us to fill in many forms!). One of the important detail which one should know before going there is the Nombor Rujukan Majikan, we can get that from our boss.

Another thing, one must remember to bring one photocopy of Identity Card, with the front & back of IC on the same page. I didn't bring that, and at the end, the clever businessman of the Pharmacy nearby this office earned (correction, spelt wrongly as EARNT!) my RM0.60 for a photocopy of IC!

After this application, it's my turn to drive.... to One Utama... for the First Time oh!
hmm... everyone in the car was safe, including the car itself.... good, good, good...
I dared to drive because my younger brother Yu was there, he can drive better. Hehe... finally I tried to do it, this was the farthest place I've ever driven to!

We went there for shopping, to buy some clothes for our daddy. I wanted to buy something for myself but didn't buy anything at all. It's hard, when a girl go out with her brothers who doesn't like to wait her or doesn't like to give any opinion or what....

It's too bad that I hardly have chance to go shopping with my friends, all of us are so busy now! haiz...

There were nice decorations with different pretty flowers in One Utama, in conjunction with the Flora Festival of Visit Malaysia 2007. I purposely brought the camera there and took some photo. I knew about this as I'd just gone there on the past Sunday.

who is him? He's my handsome youngest brother =p

At the night, I went yumcha with 5 of my friends at 吹吹水 cui cui shui there. They were Min Huey, Jin, Mei Kuan, Wei Jie and CKY. I had invited many other friends as I thought they would be able to come, the next day was Public Holiday Thaipusam + Wilayah Day. However, they didn't want to come.... while Min Huey and I went although we had to work on the Public holiday.

I'm really fed up about asking my friends to gather together now. I always organise this kind of gathering but nobody really appreciate my invitation, what for I do this? I have to waste much of my credit to send message or to make calls... is it I'm very happy to waste my money?!

Now I have decided, for Chinese New Year, unless my friends invite me, or I won't be organising 'Bai Nian Trip', except for just visiting one or few friends, not in a big gang.

Hope I can keep to my words, I always say like this but then at the end I'm the one doing that thing, just because I would like to gather my friends... act like a fool...

Anyway, the gathering this day was quite ok, we had chatted a lot too, mostly on how to educate the children nowadays! haha... there are lots of my friends who are working in education field now~

3rd February is my youngest brother's birthday~~~~
Happy Birthday Loon ~


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