Monday, January 29, 2007

New LoOk O.o

yay~ I have money now.... , because my company had banked the salary into my account few days ago~
Since yesterday was my off day after working for 4 days, I had a hair cut, then my hair was straightened (by using the hot flat iron)! I had tried once the temporary hair straightening, while this time it's a permanent type... which can last for about 8 months I supposed...

The barber is my aunt's customer whose house (the barbershop) is located in Kepong Baru nearby the 'pasar malam' there.
I went there at about 9am, and I had only had my hairstyling done by 4pm! @@"
Here goes my RM100++ from my salary... haizz
Actually... I think my hair is still not straight enough, it is still curly... not the serious case though... hope that after washing my hair, it will become more straight.... yes, I can only wash my hair after 3 days T_T

How's my new look? hehe... prettier? or still the same old look saje?
(what you can see now might not be the same with what you can see me in real person! haha... try it when you see me at somewhere.. my hair is not that short actually oh!)


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