Saturday, July 08, 2006

Spayed Bobby, the female dog

My pet, Bobby, a female dog has become a neuter gender now...
My dad and my two brothers brought it to the SPCA for the spaying operation this morning. That operation cost us RM110.

So, now "she" no longer has chance to be a mother again... and we don't need to be worried for that now. Last time, we had to kinda jail her in the 'cage' as we worried it would become pregnant ... it's very troublesome because she would give birth to many puppies!
Although those puppies were very cute, but it's impossible for us to rear so many of them in our small house... so we had to find people to be their owners!

She is quite weak at the moment... so I have to take good care of it so that she will not get bacteria infection~ hehe...

Actually, neutering of animals brings many benefits to our pets and also to themselves...

The term neutering refers to the removal of the reproductive organs of the male and female animal, while spaying is specific to female animals and the male animal is castrated.

*corrections made on 10th June*

Anaesthetized Bobby after back from the 'clinic'. Hey, she is not dead lar, but still haven't recovered from the anaesthesia~ The operation was performed under anaesthetic.

and as you can see, parts of her fur was shaved! haha...


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