Thursday, July 06, 2006

Short or Long or... BOTAK?

oh ya... forgot to mention something other than football, I had had a hair cut on last Monday, so my hair is no longer that long now~~~ it is just at the shoulder level... but the hair is still able to be tied up tidily.
With short hair, do I look younger and cuter? haha...

Many people asked me, what makes you to make decision to cut your long hair? Isn't it too bad to do so.. haha... as they think to wait the hair grow long needs a long time, so they think it's a waste to cut my hair like that... but for me, my hair grow long quite fast!
In fact, I had decided to cut my hair right after the prom night (hehe... so that I could have a better hairstyle during prom night!~ )
Having long hair is nice, but troublesome too... I just like to keep my hair long until a certain length... I can't withstand if you ask me to keep it until the level of butt!
Besides, I also had my hair cut for my own sake... so sad to tell that I'm having problem with my hair too -- HAIR LOSS! T_T

er... I still have a thick head of hair now... but if the problem gets worse, I can't imagine what will happen! I don't want to be a "Botak"! It's so scary to see the hair on the floor of the toilet everytime after I washed my hair! There was a lot of hair... not few!
Although the length of the hair also contributed to the "optic illusion", made me feel like I had lost a lot of hair...
however, the fact was undeniable too...
Now, I felt a relief when I see the amount of the hair lost after washing... just hope that it's not the effect of the 'optic illusion' !


Blogger StupidCupid said...

in my opinion, hair loss is something very common. maybe because your hair is long, so when they compile together, you think that you lose a lots of hair... in fact, it's just the same. eg. u take 100 20cm long hair and take another 100 60cm long hair. of course the bunch of 60cm hair looks more then the 20cm pile mar... right??

lolz... that's what i told myself normally...

July 07, 2006 11:06 pm  

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