Friday, February 19, 2010

CNY 2010

Seldom update my blog recently, lack of motivation to blog hmm....
Sometimes I had just enough time to choose, edit and upload photos to my facebook, and then I would opt to spend my time to do other more important stuffs or just being relaxed.

yea, it's still Chinese New Year 2010 now. And of course I'm now at my home in KL. Going "back" to Penang soon.... time flies fast, especially happy ones.

I was back to hometown at the night before CNY eve.

CNY eve, 13rd Feb:
Helped to do some chores. Went out with my dear to do shopping but bought nothing. Had the reunion dinner but not a very enjoyable one. Went to 1U with my dear to watch a comedy movie -- 72 Tenants of Prosperity (72家租客) and had the chance to watch live 8tv television show about countdown to CNY.

one of my favourite photo taken in CNY 2010 ^^

the movie ticket and the conditioners gifted! RM26 paid for couple seats.

the 8tv live show by 叶俊岑 & 小玉

Day 1 of CNY, 14th Feb: also Valentine's Day
Yearly activity, paid visit to relatives' houses at Sg. Buloh. Then my family went to have a walk at newly open Carrefour at Kota Damansara. Sleepy and took nap for hours.... and online at night...
No special valentine celebration. Only the first few hours spent in the cinema. Gave him a rabbit doll to hug... hehee...

me & the rabbit doll for Him ^^

Day 2 of CNY, 15th Feb:
Went to Jetty at Klang, took ferry to Pulau Ketam with my dear family. Spent the whole afternoon... oh well, it was my first experience on that crab island. Had Bak Kut Teh at Klang... but not a famous one.

On the way back in the night, we all got attracted by the special lighting decoration at the left of highway before Toll at Section 7, Shah Alam. The place was i-city, another area (2nd after Cyberjaya?) with MSC Malaysia cybercentre status. I myself also quite blur about the concept, for more details you may refer to the websites below~
My family had taken many photos....! ok, will upload them soon... if possible
More and more people went to there when time getting later. Everyone was so crazily in love with the lighting and took tons of photos...

The artificial trees with LED lightings!

The avatar-like... I think.

Day 3 of CNY, 16th Feb:
Usually my friends and I would make one day during CNY for Bai Nian trip... to pay visits to friends' houses to gather AngPows~~~ haha $$

the girls gang ^^ miss you all ~ high school best friends

This time the members who joined the trip were Ching, Hoon, Jin, May, Nee, Teng, and me 7 girls, added my boyfriend and his best friend. Our bai nian trip ended at about 6pm, and then decided to have 2nd part of trip -- to Thean Hou Temple 天后宫 and Midvalley~ although not all of us went (Ching, May and Nee did not join).
In 2 cars we went to Thean Hou Temple, oh... it was quite jammed... and you could notice bad clutch smell ... as every car needed to work hard passing through the steep slope.

us at Thean Hou Temple

After taking enough photos etc, we went to Midvalley, had our dinner at Kim Gary then continued photo-taking session haha....

Day 4 of CNY, 17th Feb:
Went over my dear's house, stayed for the whole afternoon, did part of assignment there.
Then at night, went to have drinks with his high school best friends gang... the first time I met with his "gang"...

Day 5 of CNY, 18th Feb:
Shopping day... shopped at 5 shopping malls! with my dear and my roommate Cheryl Bei Shan. We went to KLCC for Kinokuniya at about 2pm. Then jammed to Times Square. Had lunch at Mr. Ramen (it was bad) and processed photos, and had some walks + shopping.
Next was Low Yat Plaza to buy some stuffs... then was Sg Wang. We spent quite lot of time there for shopping. At about 8.30pm only we went to Pavillion for taking photos...
We had our dinner at Kepong foodcourt at about 10.30pm! @@" It was really tiring to walk for about 8 hours.... and I was wearing high-heeled shoes!

the photo of the day... taken by Cheryl @ Bukit Bintang
she crossed the road already while we did not.
This scene leaves a great space for imagination and story creation =p

So far, I should be satisfied that I had spent these few days playing around... with my friends and family. However, there're other negative things happened.... but I wish not to mention here.
Anyhow, most important thing is to CHERISH every moment ... we cannot run away from aging and accidents.
So, all of us ... please take care... Health is very important.

Aiks... felt like this holiday was like a dream... going to face hectic reality soooooonnn...
I feel stressed once I thought of that! But I know, it's going to be the only about 3 months left. Let it be full and without regret, also need to Cherish the stressful moments too...

*may upload photos to this blog regarding the events happened these few days*


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