Sunday, February 21, 2010

CNY 2010 [continued]

Day 6 of CNY, 19th Feb:
Stayed at home most of the time. At night, my dear came over my house. Transferred photos to his laptop.We also went to Gasoline Kepong for having a drink and french fries.
Spent the last few hours together before we went separated again for few months...
I slept at late night, as usual as it was the night before I departed to Penang again.

Day 7 of CNY, 20th Feb:
The day I went "back" to Penang for the last time before graduation. My beloved dad sent me back, and my mum followed. They stayed for one night at the rental house I'm staying now. At evening, we went to Komtar and Prangin Mall for shopping. Then we walked to the George Town UNESCO World Heritage site... for attending the event oragnised by Penang State Government -- CNY Cultural & Heritage Celebration, 庚寅虎嘯迎新春.文化廟會. There were many people, really "people mountain people sea"! We also had our supper at Kimberly street before heading off back.

the map of the site from booklet

wah.... how to walk oh!

ahahaha.... ancient vs modern~

hohoho... I have beard!

Day 8 of CNY, 21st Feb:
Today morning, I brought my parents to have Dim Sum at Pekaka there. Then we drove to Jelutong area to search for Pasar Pagi. After some searching, we finally reached the place, and bought many things~~ very heavy!!! Most things were for the Bai Tian Gong 拜天公 tonight, and would be brought back to KL ...
Next, we went back to Sungai Dua, and shopped at Tesco Extra. Hehe... since my parents were here, they paid for the groceries, food etc that I bought hoho~~
Before they departed home, we went to have lunch at Plus Two restaurant 加二, introduced them the yummy Wantan mee. Besides, my dad had ordered a bowl of dumplings in soup and a bowl of shark fins soup (RM15 only though)@@"... oh well, what a full lunch again!
Full breakfast and lunch and hence I just ate biscuits and kuih for dinner.
Again, like the previous two years, I was "abandoned" again in Penang by my parents, *sob*
However, unlike last times, I did not feel too extremely sad... maybe I was too busy carrying the heavy stuffs to my rental house until I had no time to feel sad.

I was quite hardworking to do some chores ... and kept staying online =.=
I need to rush so many homeworks yet I was so lazy!

Currently, there are many fireworks to be watched and heard in Penang. Well, although feel lonely, wish to have my dear beside me though, I need to stay positive and gambateh ah~~~~

My fellow coursemates and friends, let us prepare our mood to fight against the Monday blue xp


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