Sunday, January 03, 2010

Review my 2009; Resolution for 2010

In year 2009, many bad things had happened, yet I was still considered as lucky I guess.

I had quite great losses of physical possessions in this year: a golden watch, my favourite earring, earphone's rubber of my SE phone, and some other little things.... and most importantly the wallet!
@@ seems like I was really blur...

Despite that, in May, I am lucky to have my dear as my boyfriend, someone who loves me very much hehe...

In 2009, I had my very first alcoholic drink "yumcha" session with my USM friends during my 22nd birthday. The second time occurred during the 22nd birthday celebration for LWW and NZC.

In the semester break, during May and June, I had completed the industrial training at Microbiology unit of Pathology Department of Hospital Selayang. I had learned much and got to know some new friends too.

My result of 2nd semester of academic year 2008/09 was bad, with a subject, microbial genetic obtained only C-, which is considered pass but with condition. Then in the last semester, the 1st semester of academic year 2009/10, I only took 3 subjects. The overall grades was okay, not good but at least able to maintain the CGPA.
Marketing (minor, 4 units) = A-
Microbiology of Pathogen (core, 3 units) = C+
Food and Industrial Microbiology (core, 4 units) = B

Final Year Project is the ongoing project, I started it in July/August 09, and so far, the progress is okay... I will put more effort in order to get a good result~

After taking enough courage, I finally went to clinic to have vaccination of cervical cancer. In fact, before the real thing happened, I had considered for a long time.
And finally I did join Penang marathon. hehe... it could be considered as one of the great thing I had done, 10km and the Penang bridge huhu...

Now, evaluate about the resolutions I had made in Jan 09,
--First, I would patiently wait for my mr. right to appear; Yea, he is here now ^^
--hence while waiting, I must live my life to the fullest, and become a better woman; I guess I did?
-- take care of my body more; ops... I always slept late, and now is sick too :(
--hope those pimples can really stay away from me; people who saw me said got improvement! ^^
--I must put more effort in my study!;
I have put more effort in study, yet not enough.
--be more passionate towards laboratory works!; Not really passionate, but I was trying to motivate myself to go. haha
--control my diet more strictly, no food intake after dinner!; this one hard to do, hence, weight not controlled well =.="

Resolutions for Year 2010:
--improve my temper control even more! Although already improved, I know the sufficient level is not yet reached.
--love my dear more, hehe... (I always bully him leh =.=")
--complete my FYP! with good thesis produced!
--put more effort in study, so I can graduate with at least cgpa 3.00 (higher better la haha)
--take care of myself (I always sick?)
--able to decide which way to go, my future... my job...
--be slimmer or at least maintain... my weight
--do not procrastinate my work, reduce last-minute work...

and... wish everyone stay happy and healthy + think positive always ^^


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