Saturday, January 30, 2010

What I busy for...this sem

Wonder will I become a real panda at the end of this final semester @@" ....
After going through these 3 years of University life, my look becomes older than the age I should be! =.="

Other than growing fungi in my fyp lab, seems like fungi are growing in my blog too, paiseh paiseh... I just had enough time to update my facebook, upload some edited photos to make myself satisfied besides busy with classes and fyp....

Some people might think that I was free, not busy enough... as they saw my uploaded photos...
oh well, it's just one of my hobby, to satisfy my desire, to make myself happy after spending whole day long in the campus/lab...... Was it wrong to do so? And should they add more burdens on my shoulders, while they were actually more free than me?!
Okay, forget about it, I try to get used of it (in fact I should have already got used to it). It's the fate of being a kay-poh...

This semester, I am busier than the previous one as I take more subjects:
1. Environmental Microbiology, core, 3 units
---workload: 2 hours lectures per week, lab project once in two weeks, final exam

2. Final Year Project, core, 4 units (8units total in 2 semesters)
---workload: anytime until the lab works done, thesis writing, presentation viva, supervisor impression

3. Introduction to Management, minor, 4 units
---workload: 2 hours lecture per week, tests, final exam.

4. Japanese Language Level 200, option, 2 units
---workload: 4 hours class per week, listening tests, presentation, final exam....

5. Art of Cooking (seni memasak), Cocurriculum, 1 unit
---workload: every Mon + Thursday evening... until finish cooking dishes... some quiz... and photo of the dishes to be sent... *... got some other extra works to do sometimes for other people....

So, total of 14 units... more than most of the final year students...
In fact, at first I planned to retake a core paper, Microbial genetics to improve my grades, since I got only C- in second year. However, even I am able to improve, it won't really improve much of my cgpa; besides it would take up much time to do lab works too. I would be too busy then!! and might affect my other subjects then the overall effect would be negative.

Of the Seni Memasak and Japanese language, I actually could opt for only either one to fulfill the last ONE unit of the university course. At last, I chose both. Simple reason, I wish to learn Japanese language until 2nd level, still very basic and I should know too. Then, I also wish to have a "Co curriculum" in my University life & cert haha, and without sweating... so tadaaa.... Cooking in air-conditioned room! huhu.... and can learn to cook dishes yay~~~

At now stage, my fyp lab works are not completely done yet. I hope to finish the 2nd part of the lab work by CNY. And then follow up some incomplete little parts of results within February or early March. sigh... not forget about my thesis writing too!!!! It is not as easy as I thought.
Writing a quality thesis is totally different from talking crap over here. =(

and since it's my final semester now, I should really start considering my way after graduation. Should I pursue Master or start working?
If Master, which place to choose? KL or Penang?
If working, which field to choose?
or apply to be a teacher?

What lah.... really lazy to think about it... confused ~.~

ok... continue to be busy.

*going to fall sick soon, I don't want ah..... CNY is coming!*


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