Tuesday, January 12, 2010

3G - DiGi Campus

hehe... what you can see here?
It's my SE W660i with the video call,
connecting Sabah and Penang ^^
the icon besides the line bars is the 3G icon.

wow~ finally 3G service is offered by DiGi now.
and well, I was thinking the 3G function of my phone was a waste;
as the service should be very expensive;
or the service was not needed by me actually
(when I was still single and available)

Then, after searching hard, to find the calling rate...
weird, I could not find it in DiGi website;
maybe it's my problem, I did not dig it deep within the website...
then I found it at somewhere else...:

This was correct for DiGi Campus users
Everything was similar to the previous rates except:
MMS to all networks = RM0.25/mms, even after RM2 usage...
I had sent many mms to my dear in the past few months;
and those were FOC after RM2...

However, now... 3G Video Call to all DiGi Numbers are free after RM2 usage daily!
it's like making voice call....
even before RM2 usage is reached, Video call only charges RMo.15/min.

it's another good way to connect my dear with me,
besides voice calling, web-cam-ing
haha.... and coincidentally both our mobile phones support the 3G service,
and within the coverage~!
yes, of course both of us are DiGi Campus users.

aiks... how good if MMS is FOC too after RM2 daily usage ~~ lolz
because I always send him MMS too, more convenient ma...

*anyway, DiGi always changes its rate without notifying us?!


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