Saturday, December 26, 2009

Dim Sum + Ji Muis Gathering

Soon return to stressful campus life, however, I am glad that I am able to stay in KL for about one week although my FYP is yet to finish =.=
If possible, I would rather use the time fully so that I could finish doing my FYP as fast as possible; and that means I would not choose to go home at all. However, I could not ignore my life and responsibilities in my hometown, for instance, help my family to move business to a new rental shop; meet with my fellow best buddies and spend precious moments with my dearest ones. In addition, I needed a short holiday staying away from the stressful FYP and celebrated christmas in KL!

hehe, the statements above explained why I am currently at KL. =)
but in such a short time I will again face the busy campus life + activities + fyp... and it's the very final semester I am going to have!

I celebrated christmas with my dear (will blog about it soon) and of course, I did not forget about my fellow best gal friends a.k.a. ji muis. I was happy as all of them whom I invited were free and able to attend the gathering.
Today morning, we decided to have breakfast at the newly opened Dim Sum restaurant, Hong Kee 洪记港式点心 at Aman Puri Kepong. My dear joined our gathering too and became my driver huhu...

Thanks Hoon for being the Santa Claus of the day, she 'distributed' the souvenirs bought in Sarawak and Johor to us ^^
oh May ah... was late but well, late was still better than absent~ xp
It was a happy gathering.

my dear took this JiMuis portrait for us ^^
It is hard for all of us to appear together in KL!

the appearance of the restaurant

The food we had tried out this morning... erm, of course got dim sum which I found okay, but not very delicious; Wantan mee not nice (because I had tried some other very nice ones); chee cheong fun 猪肠粉 also very normal; there's a special pudding... but I advise not to try it out as it was expensive yet weird (texture?) taste...
Overall, I rate the food as Okay only, need more improvements...
Expensive or not? I think not cheap, but not expensive too haha...

hmm... I am contented for having this full yet meaningful short holiday. I had great time with my dear, my family and friends. I did not become a lazy person because my family needed me to help in the progress of moving the business from old rental shop to a new one =)
I hope I could hang out more, but the more important stuff came first. It is not easy to move a shop.
haha... but I did sacrifice my sleeping time to watch a Hong Kong hot drama:宫心计 :Beyond The Realm Of Conscience; my another 'achievement' lolz.


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