Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Donate a Click ^^

First of all, I'm not doing a promotion/publicity for DiGi, I'm just telling you guys a way we can donate money without using our own money haha!
Just a click, the company will donate RM5 to the concerned charity~!

For more details and to donate a Click by using your mouse, follow the link below:

To "donate", just Click the "SAVE NOW" button which you can find in the main page, then do the below:
Step 1: Select your favourite charity
Step 2: Choose how do you want to help
Step 3: Verify your email and Done!

Another donation, a click to donate a virtual LEAF
It is about another issue, Go Green!
I guess DiGi is trying to make publicity of its brand while doing the campaign to remind/tell people the importance of Go Green, to reverse the negative effects of Climate change~!

How to help? Just Click on the "Go Green with DiGi" on the following page, Write your preferred name and select your pledge~


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