Sunday, May 10, 2009

Monday BLUE~

Oh no, tomorrow is Monday again!

hmm... Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers in the world ^^
I am just back from full dinner I had with my family ~ at "da pai dang" in PJ.

and Happy Wesak Day which fell on yesterday.
Too bad it was not on Sunday, because ... there is no replacement of holiday then... = have to work tomorrow aiyaya... hehe

I had "worked" for 5 days/week. I guess it was the same with most of the people having industrial training, it was a boring week with so little workload. From Monday to Friday, I was studying most of the time in the laboratory.

Monday was the first day, and was assigned to work at CSR, did learn about the first step of everything in pathology.
On Tuesday, I was assigned to Microbiology unit. However, I was asked to study SOP = Standard Operating Procedure for the whole day long.
On Wednesday, I was given the schedule to work at which "bench" (there are few benches in the microbiology lab), during this first period, I would have to work at Section of sterility & Antibiotic susceptibility testing. However, the "kakak" said she would teach me if there was sample... until the end of the day, I was just studying....
The same thing I did on Thursday - studying SOP.

Finally on Friday, the kakak had taught me something. There were 2 samples of Total Protein Nutrient, which are the nutrient to feed premature baby~ these were sent in for sterility testing. She demonstrated the method which was not hard. Next, she asked me to help her in swabbing the Muller Hinton II agar plate for the antibiotic susceptibility testing. I had learnt this once in my lab practical before hehe but the "disc" used in the disc diffusion was quite special, and the kakak could do the job so easily and in high speed!
However, after that I had nothing else to do then... hence, as usual, studied the SOP again.

hmm... after having industrial training, I shall appreciate my Saturday and Sunday very much...

aiks... MONDAY BLUE ~


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