Monday, August 13, 2007

8TV Summer Live Concert 2007

Last Saturday night, 8TV Summer Live Concert 07 夏日八度演唱会 was held at Ipoh.... I, who had not watched tv programme for a long time had finally had chance to watch! lolz

To watch the tv programme I want at my hostel might be a hard try, so... I went to another block where Huey stays. Huey and her hostelmates "standby" by the TV earlier ahaha...
Other than watching tv there, I also slept at Huey's room that night as the show would ended at 12am, it would be inconvenience for me to walk back alone my hostel.
My roommate had gone for an "orientation" stay of her HBP School.... for 2 days 1 night.

Huey & her hostelmates & Me (from another hostel block =p)

We were so excited and happy to watch the show together, could sing along! They purposely went to buy junk food too! lolz
However, a while after the show began, there was a blackout on the ground floor only! "Geramnya!".... we even screamed.. not being afraid of the darkness but because we couldn't watch!
Then, we switched to the next girl hostel block to watch....ohoho... luckily nobody was watching tv by that time~

The singers attended that night were:
George Lam 林子祥, Sandy Lam林忆莲, JJ , F.I.R., Gini卓文宣 2moro, The Cross (korean), Gary 曹格, Daniel 李吉汉, Danny温力铭, Orange & Henley (from 绝对Superstar), etc...

Overall, I think the best performance was from F.I.R., they were the last performers that night~ hehe... rocks~
*wow... I watched this show every year!


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