Saturday, August 11, 2007

I'm going back for 1st time~

hey hey... I'm going back to KL next Wednesday!!! Huey is going back with me too~

Unlike some of the Local Public Universities, USM doesn't have mid sem break this semester.... I am going back during the convocation week (next week), and will skip 3 lectures (3 hours =.=") .....
although many lectures have been cancelled due to the convocation, some are still going on as usual because they are held at lecture halls far away from the convocation spot ......
The main purpose I am going back to my hometown is to Let my parents & other family members to see me.... heee.... of course I want to see them also la... keke
2nd, I have to collect my cheque at the previous work place -- SJK (c) Desa Jaya... well, I guess it doesn't exceed RM200.... =.="
3rd, I want to collect my STPM original certification at my SMK Taman Ehsan high school.........
4th, to buy something for my "entrepreneurship" course, as all of the groups will be having sales to 'practise' how to do business ... -.-
5th, to meet my fellow friends... who are free on those days ...
Huey and I had bought the bus tickets this afternoon, RM27 for "Konsortium Bas Ekspres". One of our male coursemate will be going back with us too, safer? lolz..
ok, post some photos again... hahaha

Chin & me in the lecture hall DKSK 2

Huey & Ann ~


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