Wednesday, April 18, 2007

3 Weeks already oh

hoho.... I've been teaching (is it?) at the primary school SJK (c) Desa Jaya for 3 weeks, so fast huh?...
so far, I have tried the job to mark students' exercise books as there was a teacher who absent for few days continuously. To ease her burden, besides teaching I helped her to mark some books too.
After marking their books, I found that... many of them didn't pay attention in class! Those were the exercises I copied on blackboard, they did and I had discussed with them. So, the answers written should be all correct right?!!
Still, I could see many wrong answers and wrong words too. In fact, I had already emphasized the correct way to write the few Chinese words I guessed they might get them wrong, by writing in big size...

Was there any contest to compare which class was the cleanest during your schooling days?
hehe... I can tell you, it's not really fair enough.. every teacher gives mark without a standard guide, haha... I didn't know how to judge sometimes... how many marks I should give etc... However, the cleanest class would still get the highest marks of course; the dirtiest class surely will get very less mark and get the lowest rank!
I don't need to do this job normally, but if the teacher who absent is in charge of doing this job on that day, I have to do so then...
You know, it's a trouble for me because... most of the students know who am I, when I walk pass the classes to judge, the students would look at me although their teacher is in the class teaching.. and they would also call 'xie lao shi'!...
wah.. scary la... they are too 'passionate'!... and I'm too famous =p

Since studying in standard 1, I've been collecting the unused papers from exercise books at the end of years... so I have quite a lot of the papers, and now I know how to use them !
hehe... when I enter the class, if they have a lot of homeworks to do, I would let them do their own works; and if they are very free or it's the first period, I would distribute those papers to them, ask them to copy the Mathematics questions and do them!
I like to teach them mathematics.. haha... it's good to do revision with them right? Yesterday I entered a standard 3 class for first 4 periods, and I had given them 40 questions to do... wakaka
After giving some time to do, I would discuss with them, but I know there are people didn't pay attention also...haiz...

Recently I tried a method few times to make sure no noise in class, and it worked! *evil*
Firstly I wouldn't do anything other than warning them verbally, asked them not to make noise etc... then if the situation still remain the same (99%), I would be very angry and order the whole class to stand up. Then, I would select the good students who didn't make noise to sit down first after observing some time.
You know, there would be no sound at all after that! Even during the time I was copying the questions on the blackboard! ahaha...
There's another method -- to shout at them like a mad, and stare fiercely at them... and at the end, I myself might lose my voice & my Longevity might be shortened =.="

Another thing, students like to complain saying that the others peeped/copied their answers .....
For this case, hehe... I told them, let them copy lah, you won't lose anything but the people who don't use their brain to think won't learn anything! Even though they get all correct now also useless, they still don't know how to get the answers, who will help them when they do things on their own?
Maybe there are still students copying answers from others, most of the students do understand what I told them and they wouldn't do so again, instead they also said 'yes hor, they won't know to answer in exam also...'... lolz


Blogger KP Chen said...

Walao, nice tactic.

April 19, 2007 10:06 am  
Blogger hedwig elaine said...

ngek ngek... I'm geng ler
Learning more tactics now ~

April 19, 2007 10:27 am  

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