Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Yeong To Fu !

Zzzz... so sleepy recently! It might be the side effect of my irregular sleeping time; The night of the prom that day, I slept at 6am after back from the hotel! yes, as I was busy repairing my computer because there were some problems... ; other than that day, I had had only gone to sleep at 5am one day of last week because I was busy choosing photos to send for printing... and had only about one and a half hour sleeping!

After few "experiments", I found that, the next day of the day I sleep at very late hour, I would feel very energetic and wouldn't have much sleepiness... but the thing will get worse on the following days! These days, I couldn't control myself, I would fall asleep suddenly! woo... so hard... couldn't pay full attention even if I wanted to do so!
The side effect is quite serious !

so... today, as usual.. my class had biology during the last 3 periods... ugh... I was so sleepy!
When I was struggling to stay awake, suddenly Hong shouted excitedly! Oh... his pupa (chrisalis) was going to emerge! lol... so immediately everyone of us left our seats without asking our teacher and went to observe the process of emerging! yo.. we were so excited... and our teacher was the same too.... he also came over to see! hehe...

It was the live emerge process huh, and it's also the first time we had chance to watch... slowly... the butterfly pushed itself out the head first (just as the same with us, the human baby right? hehe..)... then we could see its folded wings... oh... what a magic!
Fadzil used his handphone to record the process while Hong took many photos by using his digital camera~

Its wings were still wet and were so vulnerable. The lime butterfly was holding onto the plastic case Hong used to keep it, with its crumpled & wet wings hanging limply... by hanging like this, its wings would stretch out and dry gradually..
but the plastic case was too slippery for it to hold! so Goh lent his finger to the butterfly to hold on.. haha....

it set off when it was ready to fly with its wings fully expanded and dry after about one hour later...

eh... actually my classmates had given that butterfly a special name -- Yeong To Fu ...
Special huh? We gave that name because 'its father' is Yeong Weng Hong lor... haha...
Hong was the one rearing it since it was a caterpillar... he took care of it, observed it... it transformed from a caterpillar to a pupa... then to a butterfly now!

In fact, this butterfly was not the first butterfly he had reared... he had missed the chance to watch the process of emerging....
so for this time, he had kept vigil through the night for 4 hours yesterday (not the whole night though) to observe it... but it didn't emerge... luckily it didn't emerge when he was sleeping but had only emerged when we all were there... ^_^

Thanks to that lime butterfly, so that I didn't need to pretend to pay attention while I was falling asleep ! But.. we had extra class after school just now, however I was not sleepy at all during that time, because the topics discussed were more interesting, it's about the development of the foetus!

THE Lime Butterfly (Papilio demoleus malayanus) is a very common species which occurs in northeast Arabia, India and Sri Lanka, through most of Southeast Asia and the Lesser Sunda Islands to Australia and part of New Guinea. It is not found in Borneo, Java, Sulawesi, Timor and the Moluccas. As the name indicates, the larval food plant is the lime tree and a wide variety of Citrus. In areas where Citrus species are cultivated they are regarded as pests.

too bad that the lifespan of a butterfly is so short! It's only about one or two weeks!
Good Luck, Yeong To Fu, find a handsome/pretty mate ya!
*blek.. we don't know what's the sex of that butterfly lar.. haha*



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