Saturday, July 01, 2006

Badminton & Seniors

CKY asked me to go for a badminton play suddenly at about 2pm just now... what a sudden invitation huh...
so, after calling my friends, Jin, Teng, Ching & I had decided to go. Once again, he was our driver and he fetched us to Selayang Mall, hey... girls with him again oh!

There we met few of our seniors and their friends. Some of them will be leaving their hometown here to pursue their study at Universities at other states (johor and malacca etc..).
So this would be their last gathering before leaving this nice place until they meet again few months later....
aiks... thinking of this, at the same time next year, I would be facing the same thing too..! what a sad thing...

wah... so full the badminton court of Selayang Mall today! Seems like most of the badminton clubs are having their training on Saturday! So, we just had only rented one court, the only one... everyone had to take turn to play~ the seniors were quite busy chit-chatting to each other, haha... it's more like a gathering than a badminton play!

oh ya... I took the camera and hehe.. grabbed the chance to take photo before we went home!

lol.. all looked tired with wet shirts... because we took the photo after playing badminton! Few people are not in this photo as they went back already~ Ching was the one helped us to take photo..

thanks to the guys for paying the rental fees for we girls, 4 of us were the only girls there!


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