Monday, June 26, 2006

My Result

yea... 2 big events happened in these two weeks time... phew.. I was so busy indeed!
and for those events, I had written two long long posts~~~ and posted some photos ya...

for Prom Night, I've uploaded quite many photos to this blog, but there are some photos not uploaded here, so if you are interested, you may pay a visit to my MSN space.

but I may still update the MSN Space later on as I get the photos from others' camera.

by the way, if possible, leave some comments about the events & photos or anything positive or negative.. haha... and I welcome compliments too =p

As I said, I took bath at 2.3o am after going home, then... I had to wait my hair to dry before I went to sleep, so I played computer... I was thinking to upload the photos, but then the computer hung suddenly. After restarted it, OMG! I couldn't even enter the Window XP!
sigh... something about 'generic system 32' bla bla bla.. forgot what edi, the problem occured.. I didn't know what my brother's friend had done to my computer!
so.... I had been repairing the computer until 6am.... @@
While repairing, I was sleeping.. lolz... was really very tired!

Then, I had had just 4-hour sleeping... and waken up by my youngest brother at 10am!
yes, Sunday, 25th June 2006 was my school's open day!
aiks... so my dad went to school with us to take the report card. Well, my class teacher was not there, instead En. Abdul Rahman was there to explain the results to our parents... er.. he didn't say anything special actually..

so how was my result? haha.. yes, the CGPA was below 3.00!
It was ... 2.84 only
but, you know, I am the second highest scorer in my class... could you imagine how badly my class did! including myself lar... only Hoon the best! She got 3.7 something... sigh... the big gap! 0.9 point!
Yes, I admit I didn't study hard... my heart was not there...
My target for my trial exam, must more than 3.5~!
ok, Prom Night is a past now, so... I think there is no other big event to be worried about... I should put my concentration on study!
*but there is still the money matter to be handled currently...*

oh ya.. today is Holiday, specially for only my school, because of yesterday's open day! so I have been using this whole day to write blog and busy uploading photos! sighh...


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