Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Penang 1D Trip - Part 3

We reached Penang Butterfly Farm at about 4pm. Showed MYKAD, bought the tickets RM10 each adult per entry. There was no charge for bringing in camera.

Hehe, felt so excited when seeing the butterflies flying around me hehe~ The farm looked natural~ Spotted this caterpillars area...

can you see the caterpillars~

quite colourful right? but big and geli o.O

this was one of the best photo of the day I had taken, in my opinion...

I found the fingerprint on the right wing of this butterfly, could you spot it?

this was the stamping collection found in the leaflet we had got together with tickets.
I thought by collecting them, there would be some gifts haha... but it was just for fun =)
could find the stamping corner somewhere indoor which displayed awesome photographs

o.O we spotted this... 18sx scene, copulation!!! haha...

self-captured oh~ close with the butterflies

like the words on the pillar -- 柳外鸳鸯作伴

oOOps... another 'couples' copulating... xp

Other than butterflies, we could find other insects and animals such as iguana, scorpion, tarantula etc... they were placed in different location according to sections, could refer to the map given.

this was taken indoor where specimen collection was placed. Variety of insects especially butterflies were collected~

look like an owl~~ haha

the outside of the Penang Butterfly Farm, after we ended our visit

Took the last photo at this destination with pretty flowers~

Overall, the trip at Penang Butterfly Farm was quite nice... enjoyed myself being surrounded by butterflies~~ although the number of species was not as much as I expected, it was quite a good experience and a good place to take photographs of butterflies hehe

*ops... slow in updating my blog... busy working part time nowadays xp
*to be continued...