Saturday, June 05, 2010

Penang 1D Trip - Part 2

The next main destination was Fort Cornwallis, at the Taman Kota Lama. There was a big field which was the place where Bon Odori held annually; nearby the jetty area, at Lebuh Light. We reached there at about 2pm.

This was the main entrance to the Taman...
at the left side of this entrance, we would see....

the main entrance to the Fort Cornwallis

When we entered the Fort, we paid RM2 per adult per entry.

the ticket~~~

We could spot Francis Light statue right after entered the Fort.

felt that this antique wall was a good background to take photos~

climbed up the higher place... found the scene not bad

Tried taking a photo like this on green field, as wished by my dear~
although the pose was a bit weird, it was still a good try ^_^

fire fire~~

After wandering around, we left the place and played a while in the playground of Taman Kota Lama, like children haha....

Before proceeded to the third main destination, we went to Lorong Selamat to buy some food as snacks. What we bought was "loh bak"卤肉, and deep fried prawn 虾煎 and a packet of Teh Ais ~ total cost RM3.40 + RM1.50 ~ then, my dear drove the car, I ate and fed him hehe... and we headed toward Penang Butterfly Farm ~~~



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