Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Penang 1D Trip - Part 1

17th May 2010, was the 1st anniversary of my dear and I becoming a pair of couple ^__^

On the 5th May, he came to Penang to accompany me, to get through the hard times together. I was quite stressful that time as I had not completed many tasks, i.e. the last final exam paper Introduction to Management; the stock cultures preparation; lab workplace clean & clear up; Viva voce slides & the presentation on the 11st May; and also an job interview on the 12nd May.
Without his care and companion, I would live terribly alone....! ^___^ love my dear ^o^

Since I was poor enough, but still I wanted to have some short trips.... at last, I had planned a Penang one-day trip. For convenience, my dear and I decided to rent a car. Initially, I hoped my other coursemates could join us, but they all were busy... hence, left only two of us. Not bad hehe... it became only our trip. It was on our memorable date, 17th May~

Date : 17.05.10
Destination : Around North Penang island
Purpose : Travel around, take photographs, eat
Budget : RM150
Transport by : Rented Car, Kancil-manual
Depart at : Sungai Dua, Penang island
Guide : Me & maps... no GPS oh

Morning 9am, I attended an appointment with dentist at Klinik Pergigian USM. My dear accompanied me. Next, we went to the Post office in USM, to renew his driving license~~
Back to Airmas where we stayed, took bath, prepared stuffs to bring along.... then 11am, we waited at KFC to meet the people in charged of car renting.

Waited nearly half hour, finally he came. Signed on a simple agreement, paid RM35, then took the car in USM. Oh yea.... there we started our journey huhu~~~ of course, the driver was my dear ~

the manual car... Kancil with only 4 gears...

and it had a small cute pinky steering

First thing to do -- filled petrol tank~~ to avoid waste, we just filled in RM20 petrol at Caltex.

1st main destination: Chew Jetty

At about 12.30pm, we reached Clan Jetty area. It was just nearby the ferry jetty. The above photo showed the roadside that we passed by. We parked the car, paid RM2 per entry. Although there were few clan jetties, we just went to the most famous Chew Jetty. We were more interested with it as it was one of the spot which few scenes of movie Puppy Love Ice Kacang 《初恋红豆冰》 were taken.

these were taken at the entrance into the village of Chew Jetty 姓周桥

me at the jetty... in fact this place was kinda similar to Pulau Ketam...
luckily the weather was not as hot as usual hehe! a bit cloudy...

my dear sitting on the wood jetty... like a kampung boy =p

took using timer function of my olympus camera


yea, this was the house appeared in the movie 《初恋红豆冰》

the entrance to the Chew Jetty village

After that, we had our lunch, shared a bowl of Penang Har Mee at the shop in front of the entrance of this jetty. It was RM2 only, but not delicious. Shared a glass of herb tea RM0.90.

Next, we went North even more by walking~ passed by other entrance of Clan jetties...

such as Ong Jetty

and passed by this Rapid Penang bus station~

Then... passed by the ferry jetty... tadaaa.... reached the Tanjung City Marina Port. In fact, we did not know this place until we saw it from car just now while searching Chew Jetty. How did it look like? There's a landmark:

searched in the internet, but did not find much information. If not mistaken, this structure was designed by USM... and become the landmark of Tanjung City Marina Port.

We felt that it looked like a sundial =)

hehe... I like the scene very much~ used timer function

this was Church Street Pier, an abandoned pier...
and now become part of the Tanjung City Marina Port

This was the Star Cruises - Star Pisces.
From the Tanjung City Marina Port, we could spot this beautiful cruise =p
It was found at Penang International Cruise Terminal at Swettenham Pier.
If you have budget, you may consider spending about RM100 with buffet and one night stay in this luxurious cruise!

After visiting this place and took enough photographs, we we went to Penang Road to buy some biscuits for family. The amount was not counted in our trip haha... but just RM14 for 2 boxes anyway.

~ to be continued Part 2



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