Sunday, January 03, 2010

Xmas with Dear ^^

Although it's late and not according to chronology, I wish to flash back the day before Christmas eve and during Christmas eve. On the 23rd Dec 09, my dear and I went to Berjaya Times Square, Sg. Wang, and Pavilion.

We parked the car at Times Square, yea... we didn't opt to go by train, as driving was more convenient. As planned, parking there would cost us the most RM7.00 (during weekdays). However, in Times Square, we forgot to take photo with the Christmas decorations (the snowman!). We just went to eat lunch at Johnny while waiting photos to be processed.

Next, we walked through Sg. Wang to go towards Pavilion; thought of watching a movie, the Avatar, but there was a long queue! Finally, we did not watch movie but just had some walk and took photos~~

You can see this once entered the main entrance
took from the red carpet stairs

Self-captured while resting on the red carpet stairs

After that, we walked back to Sg. Wang for shopping. At about 7.45pm, again we walked back to Pavilion. Wow, there were many people waiting there already, everyone was waiting for the man-made Snow to fall at 8pm! Hehe, while waiting, photo session again!

this fountain in front of Pavilion was normal without lighting in day time;
at night, it had different colour of lighting!

Can you see the crowd waiting eagerly for the 'snow'?

yea... 'snow' 'snow' everywhere~
'snow' was actually made of very diluted detergent bubbles...

the background was more like raining? haha...
the below is special edition! it is now becomes my wallpaper ^^
the snow lasted nearly 30 minutes, then we continued taking other photos~

me and my dear with the deer...
left in day time; right at night

a girl asked me to help her take a group photo;
instead, I requested her to help us too hehe ^^

After completed our main mission of the day, I invited Jin and Ching to go Look Out Point! Hehe... my dear and I had never been there before, Ching the same too, while Jin would be the one who lead the way. We headed there after fetching them~ Luckily we did not get lost huhu... But if you ask me to bring you there, hehe I don't know haha... I just remember, must pass by Ampang Point...

KL night scene from Look Out Point (zoomed)

Without zooming... from Gasoline of Look Out Point

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
On the Christmas Eve, 24th December 09, my dear and I went to Sunway Pyramid at night. We didn't really go for countdown but just for some walk. There was traffic jam... but still bearable. When we reached there, it was quite late already. We wished to buy santa hats to wear but I failed to find them! T_T"

During recent period, Sunway Lagoon offered free entrance in night time. Hence, both of us went inside and walked around too. Well, nothing much to see though, many places were closed and limited to enter, the rides were very limited too. We had taken some photos and had eaten ice-cream before leaving Sunway, before 12am.

the Snowmen at the square of ice-skating

cute 'snow woman' ^^

on the way back, while stuck in the traffic
my dear with the lion haha

Then, I suggested having supper at Murni, PJ SS2, since he had never been there before. We had ordered a Nasi Goreng Chicken Chop, RM10; and a Kiwi special + Ribena special each cost RM5. There were many people... ops forgot to capture the proof haha.

It was how I spent my Christmas Eve and welcoming the Christmas with the supper ~
and it was the very first time we spent our Christmas together, and not lonely, although did nothing special ^^



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