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Penang Trip I, Nov09

During the stay of my dear in Penang, from 13rd Nov to 2nd Dec 09, I had planned and went on some short Penang trips with him. I would like to jot down some of them here~

27.11.09 - Jelutong Pasar Malam
Suggested by one of my friend from the same school (biology), Teck invited us to go to the Pasar Malam at Jelutong by taking Rapid Penang 303. I did not went there before... and till that day only I knew it was a big-sized Pasar Malam in Penang, many clothes and food were sold.

This pizza not bad~ if not mistaken, it cost RM6

This Yong TauFu was visited by many customers...
We had tried it out too, yumyum~

This was the Taiwan Mee Sua sold by Uncle Bob stall. Delicious ~ but not cheap...

We didn't buy other stuffs except food. 6 of us including Tek & his gf SawEin, IngYann, MayLyn, my dear and me were satisfied filling our stomach full.

Our trip on that day started at afternoon, and there's a person that I must say thank you to, he is my junior, Gui Song because he had become the driver of the trip!

The first destination was Penang Hill. However, due to the failure of buying ticket for the cable car, we skipped this and continued to the next stop - Kek Lok Si. We straight away went up to the hillside above the pagoda, where statue of Kuan Yin is located. Hmm... the pavilion for the Kuan Yin was not yet completed its construction, and it was announced that Dec 6 would be the grand opening of the pavilion, which was one week after that day.

behind us was the Kuan Yin statue with the to-be-completed pavilion

Penang view from there... oh yea, I came here for few times already

we are rabbits!

After that, we went to eat Asam laksa, also in Air Itam. We did not order the most famous one, as I personally felt it was not really delicious. I prefer the one sold inside the food court, by a deaf mute uncle.

this stall above "laksa" is the one I mentioned.
and the below is the Laksa I liked ^^

Next, we wanted to visit other temples... which I had visited once during the Penang trip back in year 2005, when I was still in lower six. However, we failed to find it and almost gave up finding... and at that moment, we suddenly saw it... haha!
---- Wat Chayamangkalaram

I like this photo, taken by me lolz~

my dear with one of the largest Reclining Buddha statues
here, too we 'played' the wheel of fortune,
by inserting a 50cent coin into the machine, got the number,
and read the fortune from the paper with that number.

--- Dharmikarama Burmese Temple (just opposite of the Wat)

Then, we continued our trip to the Penang Botanic Gardens. I had always wanted to visit there, as I had heard it for times. Oh well, it's nothing much special other than being a garden haha... but it's a good place for doing exercises, jogging, haha

us on the mini Penang bridge

a special tree named Canon Ball Tree!

monkeys could be seen anywhere...

It's dinner time! After seeking help from my coursemate, we headed to the Hai Nan Western 白云山西餐 at Tanjung Tokong. I had tried once before with my coursemates... However, we thought that what we ordered was not very delicious, just okay, and yea... it's worse if compared with the previous time I came. *ops... I forgot what we had ordered by the way...*

By the time we finished our dinner, it was already late... and we needed to rush to Toy Museum! As the last admission was at 8.30pm. Luckily we reached there by 8pm. Paid RM10 per person, with no charges for car park and camera; and our 'driver' was waiting outside alone! Okay... let's see the photos...
one of my favourite photo ^^
took by setting self-timer hehe....

silverster and the tweety; the soldiers looked like the real persons...;
forgot-what-name cartoon; cardcaptor sakura

corpse bride !

wall-e, mario, Tom & Jerry;
Hedwig!!!, popeye, dragon ball's 界王

KungFu Panda~ yo, I caught his leg hahaa

Scrat of the Ice Age!!!! I like this cute funny animal!

Doraemon, Bugs bunny;
Garfield, 101 dalmations

we visited until the time it closed!

Yea... I felt contented after seeing so many cartoon characters hehe. Then, the last destination of the trip was Crepe Cottage at Gurney drive, where we could try out the delicious crepes. We had ordered a Twist (RM9) and a Mango Cup (RM11).
my dear and my junior Gui Song were captured by me!!!
while they were taking photo of the Twist.

yumyum.... but quite expensive lo....

the outer appearance of the cottage~~


nice though short trip



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