Friday, January 01, 2010

New Year Eve + 2010

Happy New Year 2010 to my fellow friends ^^

Yesterday was the new year eve, 31st December 2009. My dear and I had planned to spend the night at Queensbay Mall and to countdown together with the singers of the countdown event.

Oh yes, I was back to Penang with my dear on the 28th December 2009. Some people might wonder why I had only such short holiday (1 week?), in fact I had a long holiday, just that I did not go back early as I needed to settle some FYP works. And some people were wondering why my dear was back to Penang with me, hmm actually his new semester too had already started, but he's skipping this week full with holiday haha.

So, back to the main story, in the evening, we took Milan bus to Queensbay Mall (QB). RM1 per person, er... not every Milan bus taking the route to QB actually, and normally we would wait for the rapid. However, we were lucky as we saw this Milan bus within few minutes of waiting. The first thing we did when we arrived there was buying movie ticket, and oh, it was a long queue, as expected. Thought want to watch Avatar, again, we missed the chance.
We had our dinner at Shihlin. Nice food we had was handmade oyster mee sua cost RM6 and a set with japanese rice (not sure) + 3 pieces of tauhu + spicy crispy chicken + a bottle of soy soya cost RM10.

Then, we went window shopping... actually wanted to buy new clothes but failed to buy any.
spotted this batman symbol !

oh, there was an exhibition about batman... hmm...
my dear with the motorcycle of batman ^^

At 9.30pm, we went to watch movie! The Princess and the Frog~~~ it's a cartoon... and quite nice I would say. It was capable of stimulating my tear gland to secrete tears.... when "ray", the firefly died. When the movie ended, it was already 11.30pm. We immediately went to outdoor to catch up with the countdown activity. The whole outdoor of Queensbay mall was very crowded! Everyone was excited to welcome the arrival of new year with the singers of the night. Tank and Power Station were the singers from Taiwan who were the most famous ones among those of the night. The photos below were taken by zooming, as I was standing quite far away from the stage ~~~ we could only stare at the main big screen...

Power Station 动力火车, the band from Taiwan was performing when we were there. They were really superb! They were able to liven up the atmosphere with their nice "explosive" voice and fast-paced + rock songs.

Everyone was countdown-ing together the last 20 seconds. 3.. 2.. 1! Happy New Year~ haha... then there came the fireworks which lasted 8 minutes (not sure if it was really 8 mins). I had captured some but not nice enough.

After watching the wonderful fireworks, we stayed there for two more songs performed together by Tank and Power Station; then started to walk back. Yea, we had planned to do so as there would be no bus. It's not an impossible mission haha. Anyway, many people were walking too, most of them parked their car quite a distance away from Queensbay mall; while some people were doing the same thing like us, going back home by walking! On the way back, we found that the traffic jam was quite serious hmm.

While passing by Subaidah, the mamak restaurant, we stopped by and bought nasi lemak special and teh ais, as our supper at home. At first thought wanted to have the supper there, but there was no seat available. We didn't really count the time we used for this walking journey, but if not mistaken, we took about 40 minutes to walk from Queensbay mall to the rental house at Desa Air Mas, Sg Dua. Hence, this event was the first big thing we did in this new year hoho.

this nasi lemak special with two pieces of chicken cost RM6.90
tasted quite nice...
It was the first meal of New Year haha~

On the 1.1.09 morning, 10am, we had our 2nd meal of the year hehe, at the Dim Sum Restaurant at Pekaka. Wow, there were a lot of people!

The above dim sum were what we had eaten. I liked the 宇角 very much.
Together with the KokPoh tea, we had paid RM16.50.
Quite cheap I think ^^



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