Saturday, July 11, 2009


This is a late-coming post, to jot down what had happened in the last two weeks.

After ended my Industrial Training (LI) on the 26th June, I only had few days of rest at home, the real holidays.

On the 30th June and 1st July, I spent my time with my beloved family (dad, mum, bros) at Genting Highland. We had free two-rooms stay at Genting First World Hotel. I had my 2nd entry to the Genting Casino (hmm, I lost again, but don't worry lah, just a very very small amount hehehe, I'm not a gambler ok~); and played whole afternoon at indoor+outdoor theme park.
hmm... seems like my family always visited Genting Highland.... haha, not very very often lah, like once a year~
owh.... I miss my family... I miss my life at home being treated as princess hoho... *evil*

By the way, I fell sick then, I had sore throat, flu and fever! Oh no... eh... choi, not H1N1 lah... it's just that I drank less water recently and become "heated".
The worst part was, I had planned to back Penang on the next day -- 2nd July, with my dear, for a short trip and back to my University life.
Luckily that my fever was reduced fast this time, so that I could have energy to pack my things etc.

It was another time for strong mix feeling to attack me. I knew that after the few-day trip with my dear, it would be the time for falling apart for months. These two were such contrast events.

I was really happy, my dear, thanks for accompanying me back to Penang.
It was his first time stepping on the Penang Island. He was such a good helper, helped me to carry luggages, to tidy up the house....

We started our trip on the 2nd day (3.7.09). Unfortunately, it was his turn to feeling not well. Still, we had spent our day at Queensbay Mall. We had watched a movie, Ice Age 3.... hehehe, it was quite an entertaining movie ^^

We had watched 10 movies together so far! lolz...
12.06.09 (五) – 17 Again (Cathay Cineleisure The Curve)
17.06.09 (三) – Terminator (TGV Kepong)

26.06.09 (五) – Wall E (his laptop xp)
29.06.09 (一) – Transformer 2 (TGV Kepong)
03.07.09 (五) – Ice Age 3 (GSC Queesnbay)

Since we had no car, it was hard to travel around. I was only able to bring him to the places which could be reached easily by bus, such as shopping malls haha. oh, missing the days we were in KL and he drove his car to fetch me hehe....

On the 3rd day, I brought him to visit my study place -- Universiti Sains Malaysia, thanks to my friend for willing to do me a favour by driving her car. Then, we took bus to Prangin Mall and the places around that area, like Komtar and ate the famous chendol. At least he could tell other people that he knew where Komtar, the landmark is and some of the famous food here lolz.

In fact, the main purpose he came here with me was to spent more time with me. Hence, we didn't visit many places. We treasured every moment we spent together. I miss everything he did for me.

It's not even 2 months long since we were together, then it was time to us facing the challenge for falling apart -- Sabah & Penang...
Luckily both of us came from the same hometown hehe... xp
Now let's us be stronger and have our own time to become better persons for each in future, promise me, dear ^^




Dear, I MUEM...



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