Sunday, May 31, 2009

NiuCheShui; Movies~

Last Friday, I finally had the chance to visit Niu Che Shui Ara Damansara, Kelana Jaya. It was quite famous and I thought it would be a nice place to hang out.

However, far from my expectation, it was a deserted place... with few shops operating, with few people visiting! The shop attracting most people would be the Full House restaurant! The decoration was nice but I didn't dare to pose in the public haha, as most of the people having meals there would be staring at me! The atmosphere there was quite nice~

Me with the 2 greenish drinks: mint + choc + jelly; honey dew
and see the book with Fullhouse title? It was actually the MENU! haha..
Inside this menu, it was nicely decorated with comics ....

Anyway, thanks my dear for purposely bringing me there for a view lolz. We walked around and had some drinks at Full House, took some photos with cute cartoon characters nearby Full House and then left the place.

Searched on internet, it has a website:
The concept was: covered boulevard which provides a cozy outdoor shopping experience, lively entertainment and venues for fine dining.

The concept of this place was quite good actually, it should be a good shopping place but... hmm... maybe it was the location problem, as it is not easy to find.... it made people not to visit for the 2nd time after the first experience...

Okay... the night was still young, so... we went to 1Utama for the next session. In fact I was quite tired by that time... haha... still I didn't want to go home xp. Tired of waiting the long queue for buying movie ticket at GSC, we went to TGV instead. Initially we wanted to watch Terminator, but it was quite impossible to buy the tickets at Friday night huh...

At the end, we watched Monsters vs Aliens at TGV. It was quite funny~
Hmm.. a problem arose after we came out from the cinema. We parked the car at New Wing B2, but we were at Old Wing as we watched the movie at TGV. It was already after midnight, so.... the ways were all blocked! Oh my god.... I didn't know that they pulled down the gates to block ways of directions in midnight!!

So... there were only 2 choices I guess, one was going out from the Old Wing building through main entrance, walked passed the roads and entered the New Wing building through its main entrance;
2nd method was what we did, entered the parking area of Old Wing, walked through the parking, passed the Tunnel Link, entered New Wing parking area, walked down the B1 and then B2! From Old Wing's parking area, it cannot directly reach B2 of New Wing, you must pass by the tunnel link first!

Luckily it was not too late, it was about 1am, and hence it was not totally deserted in the parking area. However, it was really an unforgettable experience, Walking for a long distance in parking area in the midnight of 1 Utama!

Reminder, dear all, not to park your car at New Wing if you want to watch movie at TGV Old Wing! Or, choose to watch at GSC if you park your car at New Wing ~~~~

Oh ya... I've transformed from someone who seldom watch movie at cinema to someone who watch movie at cinema frequently!
In 16 days, I had watched 6 movies !!!! lolz..... all with my dear haha...

14.05.09 – Star Trek (TGV kepong)
15.05.09 – Mongol (GSC 1U)
20.05.09 – Angels and Demons (TGV kepong)
22.05.09 – I Love you, Man (Cineleisure The Curve)
25.05.09 – Night at the Museum 2 (TGV kepong)
29.05.09 – Monsters vs Aliens (TGV 1U)

Crazy huh? Or you would say we were wasting money haha..
My best friend said I've watched almost every movie on screening now!
Well, I was not someone who didn't like watching movie. I just don't like to watch movie in the cinema alone. In the past, I only went for a movie if my friends were with me.

hehe... maybe watching movie is a must for a couple?
or you may say there's nothing much can a couple do other than watching movie for dating~



Blogger KL村姑 said...

heng...u ah...'heavy colour light friend' ah...sam tam liao la...u have forgotten me...damn sad liao him liao forgot ji mui la...even at Kepong also din find me la...sad...

June 01, 2009 10:47 am  
Blogger hedwig elaine said...

aiya, when back to Penang I "tong ju" with you eh... that time I give u most of my time oh.. haha

June 01, 2009 11:38 pm  

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